Like many millennials straight out of college, I find myself feeling both profoundly lucky that I’m employed-at least in the part-time sense-and confused by the job I have-in the full-time sense, at least.

For over a month, I’ve been doing work that has nothing to do with my college degree, in an office whose contrast to my forward-thinking liberal arts college can best be described by the general opinion of gender pronouns. And guns laws. And whether or not I seem like I was a cheerleader in High School.

But hey, if I was going to stare at a screen for five hours anyway, I might as well get paid. And, if I suddenly look like a leader who cheers well then, *Bring It On.

Because truthfully, I’m just happy that I made a first step to figuring it out and have some sweet PDFs to add to my portfolio. I’m happy for the upgrade from my $0.00 internship wages even if the current rate has me *Feeling The Bern.

It’s just, for the first time, I find myself missing interactions with people my own age. Even though, I always swore I hated those.

Or maybe I just hate compromise.

You see, when you’re in school, it’s pretty awesome to refuse to compromise your values. You may have less friends, but you get a neat high horse to ride and the comfort of knowing you didn’t sell out. If you get too opinionated as an independent contractor, then you run the risk of getting fired and having to sell that high horse for gas money home.

Needless to say, I don’t pay for my own horse.

I guess at the end of the day, a job’s a job. Much like school, it’s a reason to get dressed in the morning and interact with a world that can still afford AC. It’s not always good but it’s definitely not bad and always holds the promise of a new day and opportunity.

Or maybe that’s just the optimism of Saturday night delusion. I guess, we’ll know Monday.

*Bring It On is a cheerleading themed movie franchise. You’ve heard of it.

*Feeling The Bern is a reference to potential Democratic candidate Bernie Sanders. If you don’t know much about him, look it up. He’s a good dude who thinks you deserve a living wage.

One thought on “If You Don’t Have the Job You Love, Love the Job You’re With.

  1. It’s always a struggle to balance the ideals you shape in college and society’s rule that you must be nice to older people. Good luck, and maybe your use of proper gender pronouns will eventually rub off on them.


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